Liturgy Committee

What is the Liturgy Committee?

The function of the liturgy committee is to plan, oversee and evaluate all parish liturgies and devotions. The responsibility of the Committee is to assist the parish in the "full, conscious, and active participation" in the vibrant liturgical worship of our faith community.The committee works in an advisory and collaborative capacity with our pastor, to oversee the training, direction, and coordination for various liturgical ministries (Hospitality Ministers, Choirs, Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, and Servers) and all aspects of liturgy:  planning, environment, hospitality, music, and worship. In addition, the committee promotes activities that nurture the devotional life of the parish.

Contact Joe Diehl at (503) 393-0412 for more information.

Liturgical Committee Members

Photo  Role on Committee  Council Member Name  Phone Number  Email Address 


Father Gary Zerr (503) 393-5323 x301 [email protected]
   Committee Chair Joe Diehl  (503) 393-0412 [email protected]
   Committee Member Mike Auman  (503) 393-3089  
   Committee Member Melissa Auman  (503) 393-3089  
  Committee Member Mick McNicholas    
   Committee Member Linda Strunk  (503) 393-5323 x310 [email protected]
   Committee Member Maureen Summers