Confirmation Eligibility

Eligible youth need to be active in their parish for at least a year prior to preparation, demonstrated especially by regular Mass attendance and participation in a faith formation program. It is recommended for youth to be in their sophomore year of school.

This parent letter expalins more fully, the entire process.


  Preparation Classes


Retreat Options

Sept 25, 6:45pm Youth & Parent Night   Nov 20-24 National Catholic Youth Conference
Oct 20, 11:30am  Class #2    Dec 6-8 Confirmation Retreat @ FBYC cancelled
Nov 17, 11:30am Class #3   Feb 28-Mar 1  Search retreat  
Dec 8, 11:30am  Class #4  with Sponsor   March 27-29 Confirmation Retreat @ FBYC
Jan 12, 11:30am Class #5    April 3-5  CRS Food Fast Retreatcancelled
Feb 9, 11:30am Class #6      
March 15, 11:30am
Please watch this video link on making moral decisions and be prepared to disucss it at our TBA zoom class.
For a link to the zoom class please email Christina. 
To fullfill your retreat requirement:
sign up for the Be Not Afraid conference.
Choose 7 of the 30 'workshops' and journal these questions: Who was the speaker? What is the topic? What scripture and/or saint did they quote? 5 take-aways from the talk.
April 19, 11:30am Class #8    

Candidate Deadlines


Registration is closed

for 2019-20 Confirmation Class

October Choose a Confirmation Sponsor    
December Turn in copy of Baptismal certificate   ** Youth MUST attend ALL confirmation classes in order to be confirmed.  
January Choose Confirmation Name    
February Read Gospel of Mark    
March Letter to Archbishop Sample    
April Liturgical Service hours    
Lent Confirmation Interview