Becoming A Catholic

If you are interested in becoming a Catholic, then the OCIA process is for you!

What Is OCIA?

OCIA (Orderof Christian Initiation of Adults) is the discernment and formation process the Catholic Church uses to bring unbaptized adults to Jesus Christ and His Church. It is also the process we use to fully initiate baptized adults (whether Catholic or another Christian denomination) into the Catholic Church through the sacraments of Confirmation and the Eucharist.

Through this process, you will discover and experience our Catholic faith as we encounter God in prayer, learn about what we Catholics believe and how that shapes our worldview, and introduce you to our parish community.


What Does The OCIA Schedule Look Like?

We meet every Thursday night from 7:00pm to 9:00pm in the Parish Hall. This year’s process (2024-2025) will begin on September 12th and run through May 29th. There are a few additional meetings/events throughout the process, including attending Sunday Masses at Saint Edward.

For those who are interested in becoming Catholic but are unable to make our Thursday night OCIA sessions, we recommend contacting our neighboring Catholic parishes in the Salem/Keizer area to learn more about the days and times of their OCIA sessions.


What Do I Need In Order To Attend OCIA?

First, come with an open heart and mind to discover where God is calling you to be. Feel free to bring a Bible, a notebook and pen, and any questions you have!

If you want to attend OCIA, please register with Brad Becker (Pastoral Associate) beforehand. You can reach him at 503-393-5323 x307 or

At some point in the process, you will also need an OCIA sponsor. A sponsor is a fully initiated, faithful and practicing Catholic who will join you in this process. Their role is to support you in prayer and help share our Catholic faith with you. Brad Becker will speak with you more about OCIA sponsors!