Vacation Bible School



What happens at VBS?

The program includes:

Themes that capture children’s imagination.

Creative content for Catholic kids involving Scripture and experience.

Crafts and  games.

Catchy songs and skits that reinforce teachings.

Yummy snacks!


Who can attend?

Boys and girls ages 4 (should be 4 by the previous September) through 5th grade —there’s something inspiring for every child at Vacation Bible School.

Children must be registered for VBS. Please complete our Registration Form: Click Here


Can I volunteer to help with Vacation Bible School?

Yes PLEASE! The program is only as good as all the volunteers that help make it a fun and successful week. All adult VBS volunteers are required to have a current background check and attend Called to Protect training. Please make sure your check and training is current before volunteering for VBS. This is a great opportunity for middle school and high school youth to help out during summer vacation. We are happy to provide proof of community service for those that have those requirements in school programs.

The following is a brief description of volunteer opportunities for Vacation Bible School. 

  • CLASSROOMS - Classroom teacher or co-teacher and classroom aides (usually youth)
  • STORYTELLING - Kids visit this site to hear the daily Bible Story
  • CRAFTS - If you are passionate about crafts and want to assist, this is the place for you.
  • GAMES - All of our games are connected to the daily Bible themes.  Lead the children through 20 minutes of games and help them run off some of that VBS energy.
  • MUSIC - Music is an important part of VBS.  The students are singing in the opening and closing gatherings and have a special music time during the morning.
  • KITCHEN CREW – This team of volunteers put together the mid morning refreshment for our students. Rumor has it they have lots of fun working together in the kitchen.

If you are interested in volunteering for VBS, please call the parish office 503-393-5323 ext 311, ask for Joyce Wurdinger.

For more information on Vacation Bible School, please contact Joyce Wurdinger, St. Edward Children's Faith Formation Coordinator.  Phone 503-393-5323 ext 311.