Children's Faith Formation Classes

2023-24 School Year Children's Faith Formation Program

Click here for the CFF 2023-24 Calendar.

Registration begins in September. 

Follow this link: CFF Registration with VBS Pro

 or use the qr code below:


Preschool and Kindergarten Classes

Preschool/kindergarten classes are during the 10:30am Mass. 

The cost is $40 for the year.

Register with the link or QR code above.


Grades 1-5  

Classes are on Sunday from 9 to 10:10am.

The price is $40 for year per child.  

Register with the link or QR code above.


The Second Year of 1st Communion Class. 

Your child will receive Eucharist this Spring. 

The price $60 for sacramental year.  

Register with the link or QR code above. 


The price per family will not exceed $120.  Payment and donations will be accepted at the parish website click here. A Children's Ministry Link should be posted soon, or you can make a General Donation and add the note "CFF with your last name". Thank you for your understanding using the pairsh website.  Cash and check will be accepted at the parish office. 

Payments are accetable, as long as they can be paid by Jan 1st.  Volunteer options of helping out at events will also cover payments.  One hour of volunteer time is equal to $10 of payment. There are many event through out the year that we need help with. 



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Reconciliation and First Communion is a two-year sacramental program. The first year of classes are preparations year, and the second year is the sacramental year.

All surrounding parishes are on a two-year sacramental program.  This helps to ensure the family knows about their faith, and most importantly Jesus.

Attendance and participation of the family is very important before receiving any of the sacraments. Those children who are eligible for First Communion this year need to be enrolled and attending classes by November 5th, 2023.  For those who are not enrolled by the deadline, they will have to wait until the following year to receive First Communion.

You can register online with the link above or you can come to the office during office hours, or show up on Sunday during classes to get registered. 


Please contact Joyce Sprouse at the parish office 503-393-5323 x 311 for any further questions.  Click on the name to send an email.