Young Adult Programs

Young Adults are college age (18-24) and young professionals (25 – 39). They may be single or married with or without kids. We encourage all young adults to be active members of their parish. In addition, there are several groups designed to serve and inspire adults in these age ranges.

Bible Study

Get to know and love the God who Knows and Loves you. As a bonus, meet young adults from around the Salem/keizer area and beyond.Perfect for the busy young adult. There is no homework, so this is an easy way to make the bible part of your day? Bring your bible on Tuesday, or use one of ours.


First Thursdays

Dinner and a gathering with a local Catholic speaker every month! Enjoy good food, and great talks on a variety of subjects concerning faith.


Natural Family Planning

 Did you know there is a natural option to family planning? Fertility is not a disease, and there is no need to treat it like one.  Natural Family Planning, or NFP is 97—99.9% effective, requires no hormonal or chemical drugs and has no ongoing costs. It is immediately reversible, and can help to achieve pregnancy as well as avoid. Modern NFP is based on science, not guess work and empowers couples with self-knowledge. Visit for more information.



Young Adults Annual Retreat

Every January 60+ young adults from around Oregon and southern Washington gather for a weekend of music, talks, small group reflection and prayer. Meet other Catholic Young Adults who are passionate about their faith. Come with your heavy burdens, leave refreshed and inspired.