Altar Servers

Serving is not for everyone. It is a call from God to a special ministry in the Church. As a Server, you are a Liturgical Minister with an important role during the Mass or during other liturgical services.  It is your privilege to assist the priest at the Altar. This means that there is a certain way that is appropriate to behave. Remember that you are always part of the congregation even if you are sitting in a different place than they are.

Altar Servers are those who want to answer the call to serve our Lord by assisting the Priest during mass.

Who can be Altar Servers?

Servers must be at least 10 years old and have received the sacrament of Holy Communion, but there is no upper age limit. Servers must:

  • A strong desire to serve at the Altar of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ
  • Be an active member of the Saint Edward parish community and believe in the teachings of The Holy Catholic Church.
  • Have already made your First Holy Communion
  • Know how to make the Sign of the Cross.
  • Know how to receive Holy Communion in one of the approved manners.
  • Be willing to pray aloud and make appropriate responses during the Mass.
  • Make sure that your shoes and clothing are clean and appropriate for Mass.
  • Be punctual, meaning being at church at least 15 minutes before Mass starts.
  • Stay alert and attentive during Mass to serve the priest.
  • Function without attracting attention away from the Mass.
  • Be willing to fold your hands and show reverence at the Altar of the Lord.
  • Face the Altar with reverence when standing.
  • Be able to work together as a team.
  • Show absolute reverence at the Altar in your total demeanor.
  • Take direction from Liturgical Coordinators for the Mass that you are serving.

Adult altar servers are welcome and encouraged to train as well. 


There may come a time when you no longer feel that serving is appropriate for you. When this happens, please advise the Server Coordinator or the Priest in charge of Altar Servers, as a courtesy. 

Altar Server Training

Training is required before you are eligible to serve. You will receive appropriate training to get you started. During the training you will learn some basic information about the Catholic Church and the Mass. You will also learn how to carry out specific tasks while serving at the Altar. After you have progressed satisfactorily in training, you will be assigned to serve for several times with an experienced server.

How do I volunteer?

Contact Joyce Sprouse email or call 503-393-5323 ext 311.