Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council

What is the Pastoral Council?

The Pastoral Council is another set of eyes and ears for the pastor. This consultative body helps Fr.Gary with addressing the needs of the parish and visioning for the future. Council members serve staggered three year terms and are nominated by members of the parish each spring.   The Saint Edward's Pastoral Council meets from January through May with a three (3) month sabbatical during the summer and returns in September to finish in December. Check the church calendar for meeting times and locations.

Pastoral Council Members

Photo  Role on Council  Council Member Name  Phone Number  Email Address  Term Expiration 
   Pastor Father Gary Zerr (503) 393-5323 x301 No Expiration
   Council Chair Mary Rezac (503) 931-4668

   Council Co-Chair Debbie Beahm  (503) 999-2251


     Larry Befus  
     Carrie Brown  
     Roberta Carney  
     Soila Castillo  
     Rafael Castillo  
  Susan Foster  
  Sandy Gonzales  
  Anna Keller  
  Lizbeth Lopez  
  Paul McHugh  
  Mark Nielson  
  Kathryn Nove  
  Bob Plata  
  Terry Silbernagel  
  Andrea Stitt  
  Susan Ward  
  Debi Welter  
  Pam Zielinski