Confirmation Eligibility

Eligible youth need to be active in their parish for at least a year prior to preparation, demonstrated especially by regular Mass attendance and participation in a faith formation program. It is recommended for youth to be in their sophomore year of school.

This parent letter expalins more fully, the entire process.


  Preparation Classes


Retreat Options

Sept 28, 6:45pm Youth & Parent Night    Nov 18-20  Confirmation Retreat #1
Oct 16, 11:30am  Class #2   Dec 9-11   Confirmation Retreat #2
Nov 13, 11:30am Class #3   Dec 16-18 Called to Greatness Retreat
Dec 11, 11:30am  Class #4   Feb 24-26  Retreat to the Beach 
Jan 15, 11:30am Class #5   March 11 Rise Up High School Youth Rally
Feb 12, 11:30am Class #6   March 26-29 ORTL Camp Joshua
March 19, 11:30am Class #7    April 21-22 Food Fast
April 9, 11:30am Class #8    April 21-22  Called to Greatness Retreat
May 7, 11:30am Class #9    
** Youth MUST attend ALL confirmation classes in order to be confirmed.       

Candidate Deadlines

October 2016 Choose a Confirmation Sponsor    
December 2016 Turn in copy of Baptismal certificate    
January 2017 Choose Confirmation Name    
February 2017 Read Gospel of Mark    
March 2017 Letter to Archbishop Sample    
April 2017 Liturgical Service hours    
Lent 2017 Confirmation Interview